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The 301 Permanent Redirect A are the most effective and search engine friendly method because redirecting sites. You can use it in several situations including:

·           to redirect a old website to a fresh address.
·           to setup a lot of domains pointing to one site.
·           to enforce only one version from your website (www. or no-www)
·           to harmonize an domain structure change
There is several ways to setup an 301 Redirect below I'll cover the about used ones:

PHP Single Page Redirect

        In order to redirect an static page to an new address just enter the code below inside from the index.php file.

PHP Canonical Redirect

       The Canonical 301 Redirect will add up (or remove) the www. prefixes to all the pages inside your URL. The code below redirects the visitors by the http://URL.com version to http://www.domain.com.

Apache .htaccess Singe Page Redirect

        So to use these method you'll need to create a file named .htaccess (not supported from Windows-based hosting) and place it on the root directory from your site and then just add the code below to the file.

Redirect 301 /old/oldpage.htm /new/http://www.domain.com/newpage.htm 

Apache .htaccess Canonical Redirect 

            Follow as is steps for before just insert the code below instead (it will redirect every the visitors accessing http://web address.com to http://www.domain.com)

ASP Single Page Redirect
       These redirect method are used on the Active Server Pages platform.


ASP Canonical Redirect

   The Canonical Redirect on ASP must comprise located in an script that's executed in all page with the server before the page content starts.

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