Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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A few weeks a friend from mine started complaining about his hosting company. He told me his site are very slow lately and that a lot of times an week it goes down completely.
Here’s how the conversation became more or less:

Me: What hosting plan are you currently using?

My friend: Shared hosting.

Me: Hum. You probably should accept upgraded to an dedicated server or at least to a VPS already.

My friend: But my site only gets 5000 visitors per day or and then. Do you think I already need a dedicated server?

Me: How much revenues did the site generate this year and how much act you expect it to generate next year?

My friend: Around $100,000 these year hoping to reach $300,000 next year.


The cause to upgrade to an VPS or to a dedicated server is not only to handle the amount from traffic your web site gets. It’s as well to make your site more stable (with shared hosting the actions from other users affect your site) and more secure.

In fact even if your website has an really small traffic say 500 visitors an day you should consider an upgrade because soon as you start making $1000 monthly or so. You could get a decent VPS because as low as $100 monthly and that would comprise an investment of only 10% from your revenues which are reasonable considering the impact that your hosting plan has with your online business as a whole.

Rule of thumb: reached $1000 in each month revenues? Invest $100 each month in a decent VPS. Reached $2500 in monthly incomes? Invest $250 monthly in an dedicated server.


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