Sunday, 23 August 2015

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Blogger is a free source to make a simple and professional blog. This service is provide free by Google. Now days, Blogger is used very much due to his earning demand and SEO. Blogger is a mostly used CMS and it’s increasingly beating WordPress because Google’s Team doing their work hard to make blogger best platforms for blogger and free earners .

 Blogger are best for personal web log* and it is also help you to share your views to the world using blogger instead WordPress are a better thinking for as my knowledge say it’s hard to manage personal blog via WordPress because if you wanna start your WordPress site it took more money and time so it’s a good thinking to start your blog with blogger. Blogger have lack of SEO instead WordPress because there are too a lot of SEO plugins to do SEO Smoothly but when we comes to blogger we need to do some HTML coding for better On-Page SEO So, today I’m going to share Meta Tags for better SEO. 

    How To Add Meta Keyword & Description

    <meta content=’Your home page description’ name=’description’/>

 <meta content=’your keywords, keywords1, keyword2′ name=’keywords’/>

Meta Tags easily helps you crawler to read your site and you'll enjoy fast indexing from many search Engines including Google and Bing. Meta Tags are Backbone of SEO if you'll not use then you can’t get better results from your hard work in blogger blog or WordPress. If you want to get high Traffic from search engines then you must apply this Meta Tags in your blogger template.

   How to Add SEO Optimized Title Tags

Go To Blogger.Com > Choose Your Blog> Templates > Upload > Backup Your Template > Edit Template > Search This Coding In Template

When You Find This Coding Then Remove This Coding Listed Below.

Now Click On Your “Save Template”

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